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Being The Difference

Learn more about the issues Rachelle Aud Crowe is passionate about and what drives her to fight for these causes.

As a former prosecutor of violent crimes, I trust and respect our law enforcement officers and continue to fight for their rights and ability to do their jobs to keep us all safe. That’s why I voted against the criminal justice reform legislation in Springfield that will eliminate cash bail and allow accused offenders to go free ahead of their trials. Our police officers can’t keep us safe if we’re soft on crime and let people off the hook for breaking the law. That’s why I secured $1.5 million for police training for the Southern Illinois Law Enforcement Commission.

As your Senator, I have worked to strengthen laws to protect child victims of sex abuse and other vulnerable people, like the elderly, from financial crimes that take advantage of them. We have to be tough on crime to make sure criminals know the consequences and face penalties for their actions.

As the first woman to be appointed Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, I fought against a proposal from Chicago liberals to eliminate qualified immunity for police officers, which would have made them unfair targets of wrongful prosecution just for doing their jobs.

The bottom line is that law enforcement keeps us safe, and I will work tirelessly to make sure they have the resources they need to get criminals off the streets and protect our communities.

I’m a proud gun owner and believe in protecting everyone’s 2nd amendment right to own and carry firearms. My office works with constituents to clear the FOID backlog and make sure people can get their FOID cards in a timely manner. I also passed legislation to allow people to carry electronic FOID cards on their phone instead of needing to wait on or carry a physical copy. Owning a gun is our right, and we shouldn’t need to jump through bureaucratic hoops to protect ourselves.  

I come from a proud union family. My mother has worked at the Phillips 66 Refinery for 36 years and has instilled in me the value of an honest day’s work and homegrown, American & Illinois-made products.

Creating and protecting jobs here in the 56th district is my top priority. That’s why I work hard to support the Refinery and U.S. Steel. With overseas supply chains breaking down, it’s more important than ever to buy American, and we need to do everything we can to facilitate this by investing in better transportation from our ports inland. The Mississippi River is like a highway, it’s just being underutilized. I’m working in Springfield to bring that investment here so that Southern Illinois can be a thoroughfare of commerce and opportunity that will bring more jobs and prosperity to our communities. I also pushed for and won a tax exemption for aviation materials that saved 50 union manufacturing jobs after Governor Pritzker vetoed it.

Investment is critical, and I fight tooth and nail in Springfield to make sure that your tax dollars come back here to the 56th district. It’s time for Chicago to share the wealth and give us our due. As your Senator, I secured $4 million for the new Caseyville Police Department, $106,000 for fire departments in Collinsville, Cottage Hills, Edwardsville, South Roxana and East Alton; $83 million for local schools; $32 million for capital improvements at the Belleville airport; $20 million to expand broadband in Alton, $260,000 for libraries in Madison County, $35,000 in recovery for local businesses following the mandated pandemic shut-down; and over $158 million for infrastructure projects that fix our roads, parks and bike paths, including $160,000 for the City of Alton to clean up abandoned properties and $2.5 million towards a new recreation center in Wood River.

Taxes are too high in Illinois and everybody knows it. Families shouldn’t have to drive over the border to Missouri just to buy cheaper gas. If we keep going down this road more and more people will leave permanently and our communities just won’t be the same. That’s why I voted against the gas tax and don’t support property tax increases. We can’t tax our way out of our problems.

The forced pandemic shutdowns have been hard on us all, but especially on teachers, who have long been underpaid. I voted to raise teachers’ salaries in recognition of all they do to educate and prepare our children for the future. Especially now, when teachers and students are struggling to get back to normal, it’s critical that we fully fund our schools and make sure that teachers and students have what they need to succeed.

Veterans are our nation’s heroes, and I honor their service and patriotism. Veterans deserve our thanks and unconditional support, which is why I support legislation to create an income tax credit for caregivers of veterans with disabilities, and have helped pass legislation to create pathways for employment for Veterans at Illinois colleges and universities.

I also co-sponsored a bill to bolster veteran owned small businesses that cut bureaucratic red tape. This law makes it easier for veteran owned small businesses to bid on State contracts so that their small businesses can thrive.